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Inspired by the beauty of the truth.

celestially inspired, layered, rich tapestries of poetry and prayer

Michael’s work is contemporary, with DYNAMIC voice AND STORY, and the wisdom of stars

FOUNDED ON age-old spiritual principles for healing and transformation.

The compositions are layered with voice and rhythm, evoking peace and the frequencies and prayers of the ancient traditions.


Michael Zeligs - Music Bio

Sonoma County, CA

Michael grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and excelled in physics, philosophy, piano, and photography, and went on studies in music theory, electronic music, and afro cuban jazz from Stanford University. He is a piano composer, multi-instrumentalist, inventor, and song writer.

Michael’s recent albums New American Kirtan and Guardian at the Gate were developed with acclaimed producer Ben Leinbach. He has toured and performed alongside musicians such as Ayla Nereo (Wildlight), Pepper Proud (Yaima), Daniel Steinbock, and East Forest, and received bookingat west coast conscious culture festivals such as Beloved Festival, Lucidity, and shared at evolved spiritual venues since 2011- bringing light to homes, and yoga studios, on the West coast, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico and Beyond.


June 9 to June 21:
West Coast Tour

-Meta Villa in Mountain View

Past: December 21st - Collective, Sebastopol. December 22nd - House Concert, Woodside CA

Apr 19 - Monterrey |Apr 20 - Santa Cruz | Apr 21 - Sebastopol |   April 22 - Woodside |  Apr 24 - San Rafael Apr 25 - Oakland Dance | Apr 26 - Nevada City