Join the collective evolution, and activate your wisdom.

Presented by Michael Zeligs: conscious Musician, & Mind Body therapist

Star Tribe: Ancient Wisdom | Collective Evolution | Health | Life Purpose | Spirituality 

Podcast Description: 

Why are we here? What does it mean to awaken? Join us in conversation with masters of leading-edge wisdom, sharing knowledge about collective awakening and evolution. Learn practical approaches to heal chronic disease, discover and embody your life purpose, and activate your highest service to humanity. We cover everything from the hidden prophesies of ancient starseed lineages, to holistic diet and herbs for healing, as well as yoga practices, breathwork, and advanced evidence-based therapies to elevate your consciousness to a whole new level.

Tools to help you be healthy, purpose driven, & capable of gratitude, play, and expanded states of consciousness. 

We’ll explore topics such as life purpose, emotional healing, epigenetics, herbal wellness, EFT, matrix reimprinting, yoga practice, cranial sacral therapy, advanced neuroscience, and the law of attraction.

Enhance your life flow, and re-learn ancient star wisdom, and embody the effective spiritual practices and unique insights of the StarTribe. Featuring Masters of ancient wisdom and collective evolution, called upon to awaken others, with insights full of transmission, nourishment, centering, and the breath of life. Discover the principles of esoteric philosophy and practical spirituality in your journey toward the center of the self.

Discover your gift and embrace your greatness



  • Welcoming

  • Transforming

  • Voice & Magic

  • Initiation

  • Healing with energy


  • Esoteric Theology & Alternative Evolution - Starseeding Experts

  • Ancient Wisdom Insight Circle and Shamanic Traditions

  • Yoga, Meditation, and the Power of White Tantra

  • Vegan Recipe Ideas, Herbal Wellness & Sacred Food

  • Nature Connection & Re wilding

  • Cranio Sacral Therapies / Reiki / Subtle Bodywork

  • Song Church, Singing Alive, and affiliated group voice technologies

  • Facilitators and Trainers of EFT Therapy & Matrix Reimprinting

  • Advanced Neuroscience, BioMagnetism and Law of Attraction

Join the Star Tribe. Invoke higher octaves of consciousness and discover an unending play of brilliance in your own life.

We feature Wellness Therapists, Healers, Bodyworkers, and Philosophers of the Highest Order to help people everywhere connect with more connection, and host Michael Zeligs hopes to save the world with a remembering of the ancient wisdom paths of the greats.

How do you ignite the rainbow light field of your body?  How do you begin to shine like a star and transform the cosmic rays into source of nourishment for all people?

Using powerful, verified, research backed methods, and our special 60 minute enlightenment reports & interviews, we’ve discovered the way to “light your light”, and when you practice it you become a member of the StarTribe.  

Our experts in self development, transformation, and psychology, will share  what they know about mind and emotions, and the ultimate goal, though story, intention, and the methods they themselves used to heal Add in a few practices of enlightenment & awakening that really work. 

Your light, your opportunity - learn the practices and insights to be wholly integrated in your hearts power.  And enjoy yourself along the way, 


  • How I healed form chronic disease and you can too

  • Biological Imperatives and the Path of Modern Awakening

  • What The 13 Siddhis, The Rainbow Bridge, and the Pyramids really mean

  • How Self Image, Worry, and Chaos are ruining your life

  • Environmental Toxins - An epidemic of inflammation and chronic disease

  • Proven: Human Conciousness impacts Physical Health on all levels

  • Basic Practices of Yoga Breathwork and the Cause of Spirituality

  • The Body - Holistic Diet & Herbs for Healing and Wellness

  • The Mind - Core Belief Cleanse: Drop your Devices and Face Past Trauma

  • Fundamentals of EFT - Emotional Freedom Deep Dive

  • Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Recurring Issues

  • Your Heart of Hearts - the Physics of the Sinoatrial Node

  • CranialSacral Therapy & Stillness Touch - portals to Life Breath

  • I’m clean and clear. Now what? Strategic Thinking about your Life Purpose

  • What Modern Coaching says about Progress & Success.  How to discover the  Guiding Principles.

  • Life Purpose - a Biological Imperative revisited: Your role in awakening

Profound and Practical