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Star Tribe Podcast: Ancient Wisdom | Collective Evolution | Health | Life Purpose | Spirituality


Star Tribe: Ancient Wisdom | Collective Evolution | Health | Life Purpose | Spirituality 

Why are we here?

What does it mean to awaken?

Join us in conversation with masters of leading-edge wisdom, sharing knowledge about collective awakening and evolution. Learn practical approaches to heal chronic disease, discover and embody your life purpose, and activate your highest service to humanity.

We cover everything from the hidden prophesies of ancient starseed lineages, to holistic diet and herbs for healing, as well as yoga practices, breathwork, and advanced evidence-based therapies to elevate your consciousness to a whole new level.

We’ll explore topics such as life purpose, emotional healing, epigenetics, herbal wellness, EFT, matrix re-imprinting, yoga, cranial sacral therapy, and the law of attraction.

We are all connected.

We are all connected.

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