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StarTribe ~ Ancient Wisdom | Collective Evolution | Health | Life Purpose | Love & Relationships 

This is the time in history to know how to apply Mind/Body Core Wisdom Reimprinting with EFT, Yoga, Matrix and Tantra. When we think about a better way of being, our brains turn on to call up the knowledge we’ve gained in the past, to align with our highest life intent. As we re-learn ancient star wisdom, we begin to change our mind. To embody your wholeness requires our development by changing our thinking toward a new way of being, to embody more health and our unique health, awe, and destiny. Become empowered to create your success. Leave the old memories to experience an elevated emotion of better moments, and use it to awaken others.

At StarTribe, we are in conversation with masters of leading edge wisdom, you’ll learn a unique practical approach to collective awakening, to help you on your journey to the center of the truth. Learn modern day miracles for how to heal chronic disease, how to integrate your life purpose, and awaken your breath of life as a centered, pure awareness, where you activate your natural form of service. Everything from basic holistic diet and herbs for healing to practices of yoga breathwork and traditional knowledge, to the rainbow bridge and ancient prophesy, to native shamanism, and the pyramids. Get up to speed with an introduction to the ancient starseeding teachings and practical guiding principles of enlightenment. 

Peace. Love. Devotion. Awakening. Enhance your life flow, and re-learn ancient star wisdom, and embody the effective spiritual practices and unique insights of the StarTribe. Our transmission and vibration can move your midline toward more moments of pure awareness, magic, healing and syncronicity. Featuring Masters of ancient wisdom and collective evolution, called upon to awaken others, with insights full of transmission, nourishment, centering, and the breath of life. Discover the principles of esoteric philosophy and practical spirituality in your journey toward the center of the self. Subjects include - Life Purpose | Epigenetics  | Spirituality | Herbal Wellness | EFT | Matrix Reimprinting 

Discover your gift and embrace your greatness

Wisdom to help you be healthy, purpose driven, & capable of gratitude, play, and expanded states of consciousness.  


Have you felt the tone of your soul that wished to play big when you flew in?

Skills and resources to transform your life, discover your gifts, and embody your greatness. Create perennially abundant relationships, healthy lifestyle, and endless creativity.

Experience your true nature and have mystical experiences, and get to the bottom of soul friendship and evolution in this unique podcast.  Our group prayer always bring us to the redwoods and ridges of our inner landscape.

Live and Breathe

With Special Guests from:

  • Esoteric Theology & Alternative Evolution Starseeding Experts

  • Ancient Wisdom Insight Circle and Shamanic Traditions

  • Yoga, Meditation, and the Power of White Tantra

  • Vegan Recipe Ideas, Herbal Wellness & Sacred Food

  • Nature Connection & Re wilding

  • Cranio Sacral Therapies / Reiki / Bodywork

  • Breath Touch Connect Gatherings

  • SongChurch and affiliated group voice technologies

  • Sound Activation & Sacred Alchemy

  • Facilitators and Trainers of EFT Therapy & Matrix Reimprinting

  • Advanced Neuroscience, BioMagnetism and Law of Attraction

Profound and Practical


Your power is your love re-imagined. Our professional therapeutic practices help you empower your journey  in a universal, pragmatic, and growth minded way.  Get a new foundation to enhance your communication, talents, and contribution, so that you can have a healthy lifestyle and extraordinary results in achieving your heart-centered goals. And the courage to life your adventure.



StarTribe -  join the collective evolution, activate your wisdom and live your life purpose





How I healed form chronic disease and you can too:

Biological Imperatives and the Path of Modern Awakening

What The 13 Siddhis, The Rainbow Bridge, and the Pyramids really mean

How Self Image, Worry, and Chaos are ruining your life

Environmental Toxins - An epidemic of inflammation and chronic disease

Proven: Human Conciousness impacts Physical Health on all levels

Basic Practices of Yoga Breathwork and the Cause of Spirituality

The Body - Holistic Diet & Herbs for Healing and Wellness

The Mind - Core Belief Cleanse: Drop your Devices and Face Past Trauma

Fundamentals of EFT - Emotional Freedom Deep Dive

Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Recurring Issues

Your Heart of Hearts - the Physics of the Sinoatrial Node

CranialSacral Therapy & Stillness Touch - portals to Life Breath

I’m clean and clear. Now what? Strategic Thinking about your Life Purpose

What Modern Coaching says about Progress & Success.  How to discover the  Guiding Principles.

Biological Imperative revisited: Your role in awakening





“The StarTribe podcast : accessing an integrated masculine/feminine, full of peace, awe, and love. We journey toward the essence in conversations with awakened beings. Learning to also see our innate soul qualities and to develop ourselves to open and awaken others. Are you searching for nourishment, insight, centering, and discovery of the breath of life? Join me as we find our essential, pure awareness. In the light of connection….” -Michael



Podcast Characteristics:


I see others gifts and let them know how important they are.  I invoke and create space, where depth, insight, and honesty are possible.


I guide others into how to experience the wound of mind and emotions, and provide tools for change and healing to occur


I help others stand in their truth and make clear commitments. Courage to live your mission and values, 


I talk openly about my mission to create a more touch positive culture, and explore the healing benefits with cranio sacral therapists and other reiki and cranial practitioners who are using touch in cool ways.


I create voice experiences and music to help us all grow as singers and provide a unique and impactful expreince of oneness through music and song.


Healthy cultures use initiation as a way to create support and move your through the doorway into your contribution to the world.  

healing with energy and herbs

I help others look at their deepest longings, and provide tools so they can move past trauma and embrace life as vulnerable, open, healthy beings, and I provide advice for a life free from the underpinnings of regret, worry, judgement, and self-protection.