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Understanding your Will - The Placebo Effect

I can’t say how many times now I’ve seen it that I can say now it's becoming a law.    Talk to me about the placebo effect. So how is it that you can give someone a sugar pill a sailing injection or perform some false surgery or treatment and a certain percentage of those people will accept believe and surrender to the thought that they're getting the actual substance or treatment and they begin to program their autonomic nervous system to make their own pharmacy of chemicals that matches the exact same chemical they think they're taking. So the question is Is it the inert substance that's doing the healing or is it the body's innate capacity to heal the sugar pill the the inert substance is not doing the healing. It's the thought that's doing the healing but that pill based on conditioning is a symbol that represents possibility in someone's future. We can call that an intent a certain percentage of those people will begin to become inspired enthusiastic and theosis filled with God.

They'll begin to become hopeful they'll begin to give thanks that it could possibly work and all they're doing is combining a clear intention with an elevated emotion and in that moment they're moving from the biology of their past into the biology of their future. So then the question is do you need the sugar pill or the saling injection or some false treatment to move into a new state of being but instead of selecting a gnome in your life to help you heal. Can you select an unknown new potential in the quantum field without anything outside of you and to revisit that unknown over and over again until you make it known in your biology is it possible that you'll begin to produce the same effects.


And the answer is absolutely yes. So in depression studies where people are giving a given a placebo 81 percent of the people that are given a placebo respond as well to the placebo as they would to an antidepressant. So what's the significance of that. It means they are making their own pharmacy of antidepressants and their body and nervous system is the greatest pharmacist in the world. So then yeah it's true that the people in the Depression studies had to take the placebo for six or eight weeks and every day combining a clear intention and elevated emotion moving into a new state of being accepting believing and surrendering to the idea the thought that they're getting the real substance began to program their biology to change.


So if it takes six weeks to heal depression by moving into a new state of being it may be a good idea to understand that may take you six to eight weeks by moving into a new state of being every single day to finally change some condition within you. So then the beauty behind the placebo is that it's based on belief and most people's beliefs are created from past experiences. So you have an experience or series of experiences in your life that brand you neurologically and emotionally condition you and we tend to think and feel within the biology of our past experiences. So how you think and how you feel creates a state of being. If you combine a thought and a feeling of thought and a feeling of thought and a feeling that's called an attitude a series of good thoughts that are connected to a series of good feelings you have a good attitude and a series of negative thoughts that are connected some bad feelings bad attitude. So attitudes are kind of short and states of being good attitude in the morning bad attitude in the afternoon you think attitudes attitudes attitudes and you string them together you start creating a belief. So a belief then is just a thought.


You keep thinking over and over again. Are you hardwired in your brain and the very boundaries of our beliefs or our feelings and when our beliefs get challenged it typically doesn't feel right. So then of how you think and how you feel creates a state of being. And the repetition of thinking and feeling over time conditions the body to subconsciously become the mind than all beliefs are subconscious states of being. People don't even know they have beliefs about medicine or about God are about relationships or about love or about gender because they've been programmed subconsciously. If you think beliefs and you string beliefs together belief a belief belief you formed what's called perceptions and perceptions have anything to do with the choices we make the things we create in our life the relationships we have and even the behaviors that we demonstrate.


And in fact if you want to study someone's beliefs study their behaviors because they'll tell you a volume of volumes of information about themselves. So then if you're programmed into believing that you need something outside of you to heal then that becomes your belief. And of course you're going to need something to help you to heal. If you believe that you need a flu shot so that you don't get the flu. Well the fact that you're believing that you need the flu shot whether you get the flu shot or not you're more than likely going to get sick anyway. So when I wrote the placebo I was so fascinated with the concept because I began to realize how programmed we really are unconsciously when you start studying the placebo you begin to realize that there are so many studies to prove over and over again that it is in fact our innate ability to heal.


If you take a group of people that have asthma and you have a drug that induces asthma and you have a drug that takes it away and you give the person the drug that induces asthma and you tell them that you're giving them the drug that takes the asthma away more than half of those people will not have a response to the bronchial constrictor. In other words the thought was more powerful than the chemical. So then if people begin to unravel this concept and they begin to realize that they have the innate capacity to heal and that they can work by changing and regulating their internal states they are going to begin to produce their own pharmacy of chemicals for pain for depression for antibodies or inflammation. And we did an amazing study just a little ways back and to come to Washington at one of our advanced workshops. We took 120 people and we wanted to measure their circulating cortisol levels and a chemical called immunoglobulin or IGDA.


So when you're stressed and you're out of balance your cortisol levels go up and cortisol levels are the highest that around 8:00 in the morning. So we selected a specific time in the afternoon to measure 120 people's cortisol levels when they came to our advanced workshop. We got the measurements and we measured their ija levels as well. We put them through four and a half days of training and at the end the four and a half days we measured to see if there were any epi genetic changes or chemical changes that took place by their internal work we found that the majority of people's cortisol levels diminished which means they were no longer in survival they were no longer stressed but the relevant thing that happened was that their ija levels went from about 51 and a half to 83 right to the ceiling of what's considered high and some people are up in the hundreds.


Now IGDA is the primary defence against bacteria and viruses. It's greater than any flu shot. And when you begin to create an elevated emotion like gratitude or appreciation or care or kindness or inspiration you begin to activate the immune system and the immune system begins to create order where there's one disorder it begins to release all kinds of different chemicals that begin to regenerate and restore the body. Turns out that those chemicals stay active for the remainder of the day with just 10 minutes of just an elevated emotion. So we started every single meditation in the advanced workshop by creating elevated elevated emotional states and being able to sustain them. And we measured it with a charge you monitor and we measured people's hearts while they were doing it.


And interestingly enough the majority of those people were able to create that kind of heart coherence that began to create a strong electromagnetic field that began to produce a strong chemical change a strong physiological change and now an inner environment was more resistant or more orderly than anything in their external environment. So then if you do that enough times every single day then you should no longer be subjected to those opportunistic bacteria because they're called opportunistic bacteria because they're waiting for an opportunity for your immune system to be compromised. And it's no wonder that a group of people that are all working in a corporation or department and some company all get sick at the same time hits not the bugs that's creating the disease. It's that our immune system is compromised because they're all stressed at the same time that allows the bacteria to begin to proliferate within them. So giving people the science and understanding of how the placebo works is it possible then to teach it and the placebos based on three things.


Conditioning you give someone a pill they notice a change in their internal state give them a pill again. It takes away their pain give them a pill again that takes their pain away you give them the pill. But this time it's an inert substance that looks just like the other pill by conditioning their body begins to make the same chemicals. The second thing in the placebo is called expectation. You begin to expect something to occur the moment you select that potential that possible known in your future your body begins the physiological change in preparation for the event.

And if 40 to 50 percent of people that are diagnosed with cancer that are told that they're going to get nauseous on their first chemotherapy treatment get nauseous on their drive to their first chemotherapy treatment. They're expecting that outcome their brain and body are in that future reality. But instead of doing it that way is it possible that 40 or 50 percent of people get well on their drive to work in anticipation of something wonderful happening and changing that using the same principle but changing the biology to produce an effect begins to cause some very significant changes.

Because you can say to a person in a placebo study we're going to give you a drug and if the doctors enthusiastic it works better that's going to take away your pain and they're all enthusiastic and the person begins to anticipate their pain going away they begin to make their own morphine. And of course they can have no reaction to the stimulus that creates the pain.


The third thing is assigning meaning to something. So if you say hey you know here's yours here's the receptors on the end of your nerve cells and serotonin has be picked up in a synaptic space and this chemical keeps serotonin there and so it will remove depression and you're looking at the charts and you're signing meaning to why you're taking this pill you'll produce a better result but if you teach people then how to condition their body to a new mind. That's the placebo. If you teach them how to instead of select the worst thing that could happen in their life. Select the most amazing thing that could happen in their life and emotionally embrace it just like they create anxiety.

They could create wellness or healing or health. And if you can assign meaning to what they're doing and teach them why we're using science as the contemporary model to explain and demystify it not it's not enough for them to just intellectually understand that they have to turn to someone next to them and they have to be able to speak it. They have to be able to say it. So in our workshops they learn information and then they interact with each other and I ask them to explain it if they can explain it.  


  It's wired in their brain. Now we're installing the hardware. So when it comes time to the instruction and we set up the conditions in the environment for them to practice if they can get their behaviors to match their intentions by combining those three things they should have some type of transformation. And we've measured the transformation over and over again and it's beginning to become a new scientific law. And I really think that we shouldn't wait for science to give us permission to do the uncommon. I think we should go out and do the uncomment and do it repeatedly and then have science come study us and begin to change the laws. And yeah this is not normal and this isn't natural but we're talking about supernatural here.


We're talking about breaking outside of the conventional model and it's going to take a certain amount of courage to begin to say OK I've given this diagnosis the doctor told me I had six months to live and to get my affairs in order.    I can't tell you how many people in our work were given the the voodoo curse that you had six months or three months to live to get your papers in order your affairs in order and you won't live. And those people didn't accept believe and surrender to those thoughts without any analysis. The program their autonomic nervous system into that destiny.


They said wait a second. OK. I I think I can make a change here. And some of them either don't have the disease or they're living two years later and they're still making their way and I think that it's important for people to take a certain amount of their power back. And here's the reason why we're in an age of information and in an age of information ignorance is a choice. Twenty five 30 years ago you went to the doctor and she told you you had a certain condition and she said this is the procedure of the surgery that you're going to need. And most people just signed on the dotted line and just said OK I'll I'll get the procedure. Fast forward to today. Someone's given a diagnosis. The doctor tells them what their treatment options are and they go home and they get on their Internet and they begin to research that condition for hours looking at conventional and unconventional treatments and modalities.


people know more about ways to treat this than some physicians and they walk back into the doctor's office and they say hey I have this idea I want to try this therapy. I want to try this and the doctor either says I don't know anything about that or I don't think that works and people are now looking at their doctors and saying time to find the new doctor. I want to find somebody that's going to support me in the type of lifestyle I want to live and see if I can make the change. Now there's a caveat to this and we tell all of our students that are making changes. You have to measure the words if you are going to go on this journey. This is not about denial. This is about information which means if your values are higher your scans show this. Let's go for three months and let's see what you're able to do at the in the three months we measure. If it's staying the same or getting better we keep going and we may add one or two other things. If your is getting worse then you have to take a little bit more of a radical procedure to help you make that specific type of change. So this isn't about negligence. This isn't about burying the information. This is about really seeing if you can produce some type of effect and measuring them lets you know because it's feedback and it's the it's the feedback over time that lets us know that what we're doing is beginning to produce changes and we keep doing it. So the person begins to change fundamentally just to expand on that a little bit. You know you said that a concern of yours that we live in a world where scientific research is commingled self-interest and often influenced by profits. Can you just touch on why some people shouldn't accept woman in the white coats diagnosis. They don't have all the information or their education comes from a pharmaceutical company. Well I have nothing against pharmaceutical companies. I have nothing against drugs because they've done amazing jobs in helping people restore their health because they move back into chemical balance. The problem that I have is that I don't I'm not certain that we're given the truth about how powerful we really are because the moment that cat is out of the bag you sell less products and you sell less drugs. I question number one the efficacy of all drugs. I question what research papers are being published and which ones that don't produce substantial evidence that the drug works never ever makes it into the scientific pool. And so if there's 38 particular papers that were written on a certain drug you may only find maybe 19 or 18 of those actually published. And the other ones that don't show any market results never get published. So I think there's a transparency that's beginning to happen because people can become informed and they can find out for themselves.


We can only accept believe and surrender to thoughts that are equal to our emotional state and we will not accept believe and surrender to any thoughts that are not equal to your emotional state. So when a person shows up in a doctor's office and they're given the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis or M.S. or cancer diabetes once they hear that diagnosis the common emotions they experience is either fear or sadness or pain. So the moment they feel fear the moment they feel sadness from the diagnosis from that experience they can think positively all they want they can say I'm going to overcome this condition but if they are feeling a fear that thought never makes it past the brainstem into the body because it's not in alignment with the body's emotional state. You get that person to change their emotional state and get them into a state of gratitude.



Why gratitude. Well we normally give thanks when we get something. But if you're giving thanks in a state of gratitude. Your body is believing it's receiving something because the emotional signature of gratitude means it's already happened. So when a person is beginning to experience gratitude and knowing waiting for their healing their feeling gratitude because they can cultivate that emotional state. There are more prone to accept believe and surrendered to the thoughts equal to that emotional state and they begin to program their autonomic nervous system into a different destiny.


Now I've run a very busy integrated health clinic for the last years and we treat a lot of chronic conditions in my clinic. I was in there yesterday and it's very busy and people come to us because we are interested in creating a lifestyle change. Less than 5 percent of the people on the planet are born with genetic conditions. The other 95 percent are their diseases are created from lifestyle and behaviors and choices. So the medical model works really great for acute conditions like if you break your army of appendicitis it's a good idea to seek emergency medical care but when it comes to chronic conditions that require a lifestyle change a lot of times it's not enough. Just to take a chemical. Because the person may have some old emotional scars that person may be in a bad situation in their life.


There could be their exposure to certain chemicals or choices that they're making that are actually continuously weakening the body state. So here's the formula that we use for people that are interested in making significant changes. You have three types of stress physical chemical and emotional which means you have three types of balance physical chemical and emotional. So then what are the things that we do to create physical balance in our body. It could be anything from yoga to aerobic exercise to acupuncture to chiropractic to massage anything that's physical that helps your body get back into homeostasis. What are the chemical things that you can do.


All right well if your immune system is beat up because of the hormones of stress and next the orgasm and the stress response digestion takes quite a bit of energy. Well maybe just eat foods that are going to be less difficult to break down so you can use more energy for growth and repair. So you start eliminating certain foods that are going to knock your brain and body out of balance. You have more energy going for growth and repair and you get the person more chemically balanced and you use enzymes or you may modify their diets or the last or they eliminate certain foods they may or may not take a pharmaceutical they may take extra nutraceuticals that helps create chemical balance in their body.


And then what about emotional balance right. Meditation is for us the greatest model that we use. But we also use a lot of modalities that have to do with energy psychology for certain people that we treat. And when we get two out of those three in order the third one typically always comes around you get someone more physically balanced and more chemically balanced. There are going to be more emotional ballast.

You get someone more emotionally balanced and more chemic we are going to be more physically balanced. He gets some more physically balanced more emotionally balanced they're going to be more chemically balanced. It's the way it is. So you get two out of those three in order over time the third one begins to come around. And so that's a kind of a solid model when it comes to the practice of maintaining a certain level of health and helping people to get from one station to another. I love the infinite possibilities.

Can you talk about how a doctor's opinion is just one possibility in a field of them. When people get a diagnosis the diagnosis and the prognosis is based on normal or natural. So when you look at people that are at the whim of the conditioning of how they should live their life the moment they get that diagnosis and they're subjected to the same treatments then the majority of people respond in the same way because they're giving their power away to something outside of them. But a diagnosis and a prognosis is one potential in the infinite field of possibilities. And so this is a very sensitive subject when it comes to ethics because I think that doctors are now becoming more compassionate with patients and understanding that they want to give them hope and they want to support them in their health goals.

It's important for people to understand when they're given a diagnosis that if they fall prey to the prognosis without actually considering that there's other options without actually realizing that they may have to do something differently that they may have to make new choices that they are going to have to get beyond certain emotions and overcome their limited thinking if they can understand that if they're able to do that more possibilities opened up as a result of their own personal changes.


That's when you start to see all kinds of magical things start to appear in the person's life their life gets longer their pain goes away the quality of their life improves. You start seeing biological neurological chemical hormonal changes beginning to take place. So again education is so important for people to understand that in the in the in the spectrum of the quantum world there are infinite possibilities that exist in the present moment. So if you have the ability to practice being present and truly not thinking about what could happen in your future or what's happened in your past but truly practice every single day and in in that process that inward journey of getting present.

If you keep doing that if there is no predictable future there is no familiar past and you're in the present moment there should be possibilities that you haven't considered before. The beauty behind all of that means that the moment you are open to possibility and you're no longer focusing on notions or familiars in your life that's the moment you start experiencing those synchronicities those serendipitous those coincidences that are happening all around you because you're no longer investing your energy in a predictable future or familiar past. And I think that you can teach that.


And I think when people really start censoring themselves and practicing that they should expect the unexpected in their life they should expect unknown events to begin to occur possibilities that they haven't thought of because if they thought of them they would have done them and there would have been unknown. But so we have to stretch out into that world of possibilities which is the unknown and I'm interested in that supernatural process.

I believe in human potential and I've witnessed a transformation in healings enough times to say that anybody can do it if they're given the proper instruction. What is your take away methods. I'm going to assume that the expression of this divine intelligence within us is the expression of life which is equal to the health of the body. And then I think when we take time out of our busy lives to invest in ourselves to become a work in progress to begin to decide what thoughts we no longer want to think what behaviors we like to change what emotions we want to transform and every single day make an effort to remove the blocks and the masks the facades that stop the flow of the divine in us when we begin to do that kind of work that intelligence begins to move through us. And that's when we become more like it and we become more willful and has an amazing Will we become more mindful that has an infinite mind. We become more conscious a consciousness we become more loving. It's a loving it's a loving intelligence. We become more giving its giver of life. I think it's nature begins to become our nature its mind begins to become our mind and the side effect of that. I think as we move from this selfish state to this selfless state and transformation. There's something really amazing when you free yourself. From the chains of those emotions that keep you anchored in the past and you go from particle to wave from matter to energy and you begin to liberate energy and your heart starts to open and you feel one or connected to something greater. There's only one thing you want to do when you feel this way and that is you want to give you say I feel so amazing. I want you to feel the way I feel and so the natural tendency is to give something away because you feel so whole in that moment that it's impossible to want. Now why would you want when you're whole. Now that to me is the natural state of being disease can exist in that state of whole ism. And I think that it's reachable in our lives. And I think that people can reach those elegant states and they can begin to become more constant. So how do we become supernatural then is the question and that is we have to start doing what feels unnatural and the beginning of course change is going to be uncomfortable. It's going to feel unfamiliar. There's going to be some uncertainty. You can predict when you step into the unknown what that's like.

And most people rush back to their familiar feelings and familiar behaviors and they say this feels right now it feels familiar becoming comfortable in that unknown where the best way to predict your future is to create it and be able to create from that place of the unknown begins to produce supernatural effects in our lives. So then giving one everybody else's lack is supernatural demonstrating compassion when everybody's angry and judgmental is supernatural showing signs of love and strength and courage when everybody else is in fear. I think if we keep doing what feels unnatural sooner or later we'll begin to become supernatural. And this is a time in history right now where people are looking for answers and they secretly believe in them and themselves.

And I think that belief in ourselves and belief in the infinite possibilities makes life really exciting. So when are Will matches that intelligence within us as well when when our when our mind matches its mind and when our love for life matches its love for life. I think it always answers the call.

Michael Zeligs