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Learn about matrix reimprinting for your meridians, and how faster eft and other forms of cranio sacral bodywork and meridian energy healing can be used to heal your body. With EFT tapping (also known as EMDR) we can activate the core reiki, similar to the way herbs can be transformative. This form of energy medicine helps us be conscious - learn more in an eft video for how you can heal traumatic or immune responses. And meet a practitioner with an integrated cranio technique that can heal using manual manipulation, tapping, and other modalities. The efficacy of these techniques are based in the use of a gentle neuroscience application that includes affirmations. When we add acceptance and other tools that can be learned in workshops and training certifications, you get a quality of mindfulness that is more enhanced than a normal Santa Rosa therapist or Sebastopol therapist. Transpersonal Psychotherapy is at it’s best when it merges with Energy Psychology, which has been found to help treat issues associated with Trauma and PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Social Phobia, Relationship problems, Spiritual Awakening, Chronic pain, Inner Guidance, Psychosomatic Issues, Parenting Problems, Conscious Parenting, Stress Management, Identity Issues, Life Transitions, and Grief and Loss.

How to heal yourself from Chronic Issues

The body and the person always says the same thing. I didn't do any of the healing. It was the power within me that did the healing all along. All I had to do was just get out of the way. And so I think that we could only talk around these things that you have to have the experience.     But I think my passion really has been in the last few years in demystifying it and so that if you see someone with a very serious health condition stand up in front of an audience of 550 people and tell their story about how they had over time created by mismanaging their emotions and their energy created a disease and became conscious of how it happened and then it took them two years to turn that battleship around and every day every single day they made the choice to not get up from their meditation until they were somebody else. You're talking about greatness now because this is no longer a philosophical concept.    This is a person who is embodying every single day. And they understand their their own genetic engineer when they can get up in an elevated state.


They understand when they do something differently or think differently or act differently they are firing and acquiring and they're selecting new networks of neurons and signaling new genes they are assigning meaning to what they're doing. And if people can understand the what and the why the how gets easier.     So if you see somebody stand up in front of an audience of 500 people and explain their journey it's no different than you watching somebody hit a tennis ball like Serena Williams and you play tennis if you keep watching you are going to hit a tennis ball better and we have people in our workshop stand up in front of audiences and tell their story and it begins to give people permission to understand that it's possible for them to do the same. And just like an infection creates a disease amongst the community. I believe that health and wellness can be as infectious as disease once you get a group of people together that understand what they're doing and why it's a good time to talk about some of the people that came my pleasure and maybe touch on it you know for something that might take two years for some it might take three weeks.


There was a woman who handed me a envelope as I was walking off the stage in Barcelona a few years back and she asked me to read it. And I went into the greenroom and I opened the envelope and I read this woman's story and it was so profound that I had her come in front of the entire audience of 500 people and tell the story. She's a psychotherapist from Holland a very intelligent woman and on a Sunday morning while she was in the shower her husband said goodbye to his two children yelled something to her and while she was in the shower and then went to the tallest building in Amsterdam and jumped off the building and committed suicide. Now that is a stressful event. And when she got the news she experienced all the emotions that people experience from something that shocking and traumatic like that she was suffering. She was in pain. She was resentful.


She was guilty. She was confused. She was angry. She went through the whole gamut of emotions and all of those emotions by the way are derived from the hormones of stress. So she has an event in her life it changes her. Biologically she doesn't know how to control her emotional reaction. It turns into a mood one long emotional reaction. If you keep reviewing that event in your mind you begin to produce the same chemistry in your brain and body as if the event was occurring. So her body is being conditioned to the past because she's reliving the experience 50 to 100 times in a day and her body is beginning to believe it's in the same past experience over and over again. It ultimately goes from a mood to a temperament. And now people are asking her in our life why are you so upset. She tells the story and she's basically saying I am this way because of this event that happened to me four months ago. So then if we keep that going for extended periods of time and those emotions are driving our thoughts and we can't think greater than how we feel our feelings have become the means of thinking we're thinking in the past and now we're stuck in our biology. So one day she wakes up and she's completely paralyzed from our waist down and she can't get out of bed. So they rushed to the hospital they do MRI they do all the tests. They can't find any sign anything significant with her so they just diagnosed her with neuritis and so now she's bedridden and she cannot literally get out of bed. So now she can't work she can't take care of her children. Her mother asked to move in with her and she doesn't have any money because she's not working and our stress levels go up. So now the condition gets worse as her stress levels go up. It's the same chemicals of stress that are knocking the brain and body out of balance signaling the wrong genes in the wrong way. In another few months later she develops these huge ulcerations and all the mucous membranes of her body in her mouth her throat her up her stomach her bladder her vagina her anus. She's got these huge ulcers. Now she can eat and if she can't eat she's knocking her body now out of chemical balance even more and it hurts.


So now she's spiraling downward. And then she finally starts noticing her symptoms getting worse and she goes to the doctor and they diagnosed her with esophageal cancer. Now the moment she gets the diagnosis of esophageal cancer now she gets even more stressed and she's in fear now and she realizes that her children may not have a mom. And so she came to one of our workshops and I remember specifically because she came in with crutches in a wheelchair and a walker and she sat on the left side of the room and it was introductory level course and she understood that she could change it intellectually but she had a very big challenge ahead of her and she she realized how much she was in her past. And so but she was excited about the content and the information. I remember she's a psychotherapist so this is the language that she understands. So she flew a few months later to an event that we did in Connecticut just north of New York City and she came with two friends and the audience was amazing and retreat. And so I pushed the audience a little further than where they normally would go and she had a breakthrough for the first time she felt like herself in over a year and she had a vision of her future. Like she wasn't visualizing anything she just got a very clear vision and she was so excited that she was home and she did her meditation every single day. Now she understood that she had to up regulate new genes and down regulate genes that had to do with her disease and that every day she had to knock on the genetic door. Now the first thing I want to say is that I'm certain that there were days that she didn't feel like doing her meditation and she did that anyway.


She did it anyway. There were days where she had a tremendous amount of doubt and she didn't think it was possible but she did her meditations every single day and then she began to do her meditations every single day. She started to notice significant changes in her health well she stood on the stage in front of that audience and she said I just came from my doctor last week. I have no evidence of esophageal cancer. I have no ulcerations and any of the mucous membranes of my body except the small scar on the back of my throat. I have no paralysis no numbness no loss of motor function and I have a new husband and I said new personality new personal reality. The disease exists in the old personality. You're literally someone else. And I said when you look back at that event that took place in your past. How do you feel. And she said it was my greatest teacher. And I said Do you have any emotion when you think about that event. And she said no and I said the memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom. And that's the name of the game here.


You're ready for a new life. And she said you know I'm so in love with my life. But she made the choice to not get up from her meditations until she was in love with life. Now to the materialist to the person who's defining reality with their senses they would say she has no reason to be in love with life. She lost her husband to suicide. She lost her job. She can't take care of her kids. She's paralyzed she has cancer. She has all these different conditions but she made the choice then that every single day she was going to condition her body into the future instead of into the past. And she stood in front of that audience and she said I am so in love with life. And I said Of course you are. You created your life from the place called being in love with life. So because of her and the choices that she made to overcome herself and not be defined by the past and working on it every single day every single day she overcame some aspect of herself a little bit more surrendered to an aspect of her limited self to create a greater self to remove the masks and the and the emotions and the facade that blocked the flow of intelligence within us when everyday she was making contact with that power within her. Sooner or later it began to get the right instructions and she went from being a very sick person to a very healthy person. So that person to me is a light to the world to me she's closer to the truth than any scholar and the academic. She lived it and other people as a result of it. With ovarian cancers and other conditions have you heard her story and given her the strength you know to do the same in their lives.    :


So you touched on their words they didn't feel like it. There was days when she did it. So how did that happen.    This is a great question because again we can talk about the philosophy of all of this but when you're sick the most difficult part about being sick is being able to think greater than how you feel.     And if you can't think greater than how you feel then your body is dictating your life. Now there's nothing wrong with this but let's just say that a person has mismanaged their energy and mismanaged emotions and mismanaged their lifestyle. For the last 10 years.


And ultimately they develop some type of condition. Well it was the continuous imbalance that was knocking on the genetic door that finally programmed the gene into sickness. So it took them ten years to finally create that condition. Then we have to be real here and understand that it's going to take some time to knock on the genetic door and begin to reprogram the gene in a new way. So it's not like you do your meditation two days and you expect to be healed that it's a process and it's a skill that requires repetition and it requires understanding and requires regrouping and learning and requires filling your brain with knowledge and it requires staying consistent with it to begin to see some effects. And it's just like catching a fish the moment you hook one the moment you notice some change in your body the moment something begins to change.


That's all you need because once you get that feeling that sensation you're going to correlate what you're doing inside of you with the effect that you produce outside of you and you're going to start doing it with more passion and more sincerity and more absolute certainty. So the cool thing about all of this is that let's just say you're able to change your brain waves and get beyond your analytical mind because you've been practicing your meditation every single day. And let's say that you reach that elegant moment of the generous present moment now where you forget about your appointments you forget about your relationships you forget about all the things you did yesterday. You're so present in the moment that you're not a face any longer that you're not a body that you're not an identity that you don't own anything. You're pure consciousness.


That's the moment in your consciousness emerges with a greater consciousness and that is the moment when your conscious mind begins to merge with your subconscious mind that you are in the operating system where true change can take place. So if you're practicing overcoming your body every single day in meditation and you're sick then when you sit down in your meditation you should be able to get beyond your awareness of being a body and if you're able to do that then then your body is no longer the mind and you can begin to work with your body and recondition it to a new mind. If you don't have the ability to get beyond your body in a meditation then your your body trying to change your body you're mad or trying to change matter and it produces very slow effects over time.


So it will produce some effects but it's going to take some time. So then if you're practicing your ability to regulate and change your brainwaves and get beyond your body get beyond your identity get beyond space and time if you do that really well when comes time for you to heal your body and you have the ability to get beyond your body no matter how sick it is every time you get beyond your body your consciousness with a certain energy instructing your body not from the body but from an epi phenomenological place which is greater than your body. So I think that again to demystify the process it requires some training and when people start getting to that point where they get beyond themselves that's when the magic happens over and over again.


So yeah in the beginning it's going to be difficult because we're in a body and then you start doing the meditations and then you look to see him like any better. The moment you start looking to see if you're better you've just returned back to the old self the new self would never look to see if it was better it's already staying in that state. So it's a process it's a process of of development it's a process of of action it's a process of awareness. It's a process that takes time but we've seen it so many times.

Michael Zeligs