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Learn about matrix reimprinting for your meridians, and how faster eft and other forms of cranio sacral bodywork and meridian energy healing can be used to heal your body. With EFT tapping (also known as EMDR) we can activate the core reiki, similar to the way herbs can be transformative. This form of energy medicine helps us be conscious - learn more in an eft video for how you can heal traumatic or immune responses. And meet a practitioner with an integrated cranio technique that can heal using manual manipulation, tapping, and other modalities. The efficacy of these techniques are based in the use of a gentle neuroscience application that includes affirmations. When we add acceptance and other tools that can be learned in workshops and training certifications, you get a quality of mindfulness that is more enhanced than a normal Santa Rosa therapist or Sebastopol therapist. Transpersonal Psychotherapy is at it’s best when it merges with Energy Psychology, which has been found to help treat issues associated with Trauma and PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Social Phobia, Relationship problems, Spiritual Awakening, Chronic pain, Inner Guidance, Psychosomatic Issues, Parenting Problems, Conscious Parenting, Stress Management, Identity Issues, Life Transitions, and Grief and Loss.

T H E   B I R T H O F  S T A R   T R I B E  - 

#wearemadeofstars  #startribe Over the last few months I have had experiences related to awakening returning to me in the form of sacred geometry, felt from within.

This shape keeps returning to me during meditation - -i feel it in the center of my core. I offer it today as a token of my embrace of a new domain for my art.

I know it as the symbol of my awakening.

The people and places I have been since this light code downloaded into my body has been different than anything I have before seen on the inner planes. 

Today I’m announcing my new instagram name, @star.tribe

You become a member of the Star Tribe when you stand in the truth of your unique gift for embracing the future and EVOLVING. And I want us to get there together. 

Stay Tuned for cool new content in the days to come. 

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Has universe ever shown you something in your inner vision when you meditated? 



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