M I C H A E L   Z E L I G S


"Imagine Cat Stevens reborn on the shores of Goa. The songwriting is simple, full of powerful statements and very melodic in nature. It is fresh and genuine and oozes sincerity of purpose. It is an honest exploration of self achieving fusion between the great folk writers of america and the group singing traditions of the east."

Stephen Henderson - THE EXPERIMENTAL ZONE 

"I love to sing and wanted to be able to share my voice with others and had some obstacles to work through. Michael helped us all get more comfortable with singing and empowered us to collaborate musically together. Through his performance I learned techniques to explore and strengthen my prayer. Michael creates an energizing space of love and acceptance that makes exploring our voice possible and enjoyable.  He provides an immense amount of enthusiasm each step of the way. I now feel more happy after had a chance to practice singing with others."

Amy Winzer, "IGNITE YOUR VOICE" participant

"Michael is extremely passionate about music and a wise vocal healer. His kindness, strength and compassion allow me to fully trust in his facilitation. He is one of the best group leaders I have met in this life.  His work helped me stop negative thoughts about my voice as they arose, and replacing them with trust, non-judgment, and compassion. Through this I have been able to embody my voice with authenticity. I would recommend Michael to seeking an experience of deeper relationship with their voice through the Kirtan experience."

Jasmine Amara, "IGNITE YOUR VOICE" participant