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Michael Zeligs Music bio:
Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, Michael’s work is a crossroads between traditional and contemporary, with organic voice & story creating a dynamic expression that inspires listeners to be their best selves, whether from listening to his music or in Michael’s coaching and therapy sessions.. Michael is a compelling lyricist whose voice carries power with the greatest ease, making accessible chanting available to you for healing and transformation. The compositions are brimming and layered with human emotion, sparkling with a palpable sense of spirituality and dedication, yet retain the poetic mystery of the folk traditions of the americana west.

Michael’s recordings and performance angelic heartsongs is celestially inspired, with layered, rich tapestries of poetry and prayer. His art melds sacred space and the inner journey with mantra chants that are gracious and precise, evoking a pace of spontaneous joy.

His live performance intertwines songs and the magic of listening to the moment, with invocations and poetry of the mystics, carrying the audience into a state of heightened awareness, beyond space and time, full of bliss, and devotion.

About Michael: Michael is a musician, songwriter, and educator, who trained at Stanford in afro cuban jazz music, he is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and group song facilitator, focusing on creating co-evolutionary, participatory spaces with his music and teaching.

His recent albums New American Kirtan and Guardian at the Gate we’re developed with acclaimed producer Ben Leinbach, and he has toured and performed alongside musicians such as Ayla Nereo (Wildlight), Pepper Proud (Yaima), and East Forest, He has delighted and engaged audiences while performing at Entelechy stage at Red Lightning, at Lucidity festival, and at Conscious Culture Festival.

Upcoming Events | Apr 19 - Monterrey |Apr 20 - Santa Cruz | Apr 21 - Sebastopol |   April 22 - Woodside / Palo Alto |  Apr 24 - San Rafael | Apr 25 - Oakland Dance | Apr 26 - Nevada City