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Upcoming Events:

Saturday March 23rd, Sebastopol CA

$10-$20 Sliding scale.
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Live Music - Community - Sound Healing - Kirtan Concert

Michaels poetic voice carries power and meaning, making spiritual principles available through song for healing and transformation.

His music intertwines deep groove afro rhythms, with gentle atmospheric sound and group Kirtan carrying us into a state of heightened awareness and communal celebration.

The compositions are layered with folk story of the Americana west, human emotion, and spirituality, while evoking the mystery of ancient traditions of Yoga, Philosophy, and High Magic.


Your invited to an evening of potent and embodied music, and a ceremony to invoke your highest mission and healing. This is music of Star Portals & Star Seeds - Calling upon everyone's higher mission of truth, for us all to evolve and grow from our center. With sacred songs and stories of our awakening journeys, angelic heart songs and sing-along chants, this music is celestially inspired, with layered, rich tapestries of poetry and prayer. Join us for music & ceremony that melds sacred space and the inner journey with compelling lyrics from Michael and Sophia, whose voices soar high and low with the greatest ease. The compositions are brimming and layered with human emotion, sparkling with a palpable sense of spirituality and dedication, and retain the poetic mystery of the ancients.  Find the courage to do what you love, and join your community for a sacred and uplifting adventure.  

Past Shows:

Sunday 11/19 - Santa Cruz: Breath and Oneness Monday 11/20: Oakland House Concert Tuesday 11/21: Oakland - Dance Palace Wednesday 11/22: Sebastopol - Hummingbird Hill Friday 11/24: Ashland - Jackson Wellsprings, Saturday 11/25: Eugene - River Rd House, Monday 11/27: Vashon Island - House Concert

Friday Sept 22 Sebastopol- Equinox Celebration: Music for Divine Healing

February 9th: Michael Leads Devotional Chanting at Sebastopol House Event

February 10th:

Yin Yoga with Live Piano: Michael Zeligs and Meredith Rom at the Dhyana Center

February 14th

Live Music at Thai Yoga for Couples, Dhyana Center

February 16th

Michael Zeligs live at the Dhammapad Berkeley

February 20th Michael Zeligs live in Los Gatos

February 24th:

Ecstatic Kirtan with Jens Jarvie

February 26th:

Michael Zeligs live at Womb Space

December 17th: Michael Zeligs Band presents Cosmic Chants at Hummingbird Hill

September 16th: Opening act for Eostar and Web of One CD Release Party - Subud Hall.

August 9th: Ashland wellsprings Live Concert & cacao ceremony

July 9th: Amrit Ananda Cacao Puja with Jonas at Hummingbird Hill.

Michael Zeligs Presents Cosmic Chants

April 9th at 7:30pm, Tilton Rd Sebastopol

'RISE' Album Release Concert Sebastopol, CA

at Hummingbird Hill February 6th at 7:30pm

Ecstatic Dance Journey w/ Michael Zeligs

at Subud Hall, Sebastopol, CA

January 14 at 7:30-9:30pm

Kirtan Songweaving at the Dhammapad

Berkeley, CA

December 9 at 7pm

Michael Zeligs Songweaving w/ The Vagaries in SF


San Francisco, CA

November 17 at 7-10pm

Sacred Kirtan Celebration with Michael Zeligs & Meredith Rom at The Root Collective

Sebastopol, CA

May 30 at 7:30pm

Vision & Voice Yoga Workshop ~ Homecoming Celebration at The dhyana Center

Sebastopol, CA

May 29 6:30-8:30pm

Free your voice ~ Sacred Kirtan in Oakland at The Hearth May 25 at 6-8pm

Vision & Voice Yoga Workshop at Divinitree Westside

Santa Cruz, CA

May 23 at 2-4pm

Sacred Kirtan in Ojai with Michael Zeligs and Meredith Rom

at Soul Centered Metaphysical Shoppe & Event Center

May 19 at 7-9pm

Ignite Your Voice, Embrace Your Shadow in Venice, CA

May 18 at 6pm

Sacred Kirtan Songweaving Workshop at ChocolaTree

May 14 at 6:30pm Sedona, AZ

Vision & Voice Yoga Workshop at Sedona Yoga Shala

May 13 at 7-9pm

Sedona, AZ

Sacred Kirtan Songweaving Workshop at Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living

May 7 at 7:30-9:30pm

Santa Fe, NM

Sacred Kirtan Songweaving Workshop in Boulder! at Adi Shakti Kundalini Yoga Center of Boulder

Boulder, CO

April 29 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Sacred Kirtan Song Weaving Workshop at the Golden Mandala Collective Nevada City, CA

April 23 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Vision & Voice Yoga Workshop at Inner Path Nevada City, CA

April 22 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Sacred Community Kirtan: Michael Zeligs, Sahar, & Special Guests at Devi Yoga Center Sebastopol. 8-9:30pm, Wednesday, March 25th.

Voice of the Awakened Heart - Michael Zeligs and Jens Jarvie live at the Dhyana Center Sebastopol. Thursday Feb 13th 8pm.

Community Song Weaving and Free Your Voice workshop with Michael Zeligs at Ithaka House, Palo Alto, CA

7:30 - 9:30 PM

Saturday January 24th, 2015

Open to Your Voice EFT Singing Workshop at One Tree Yoga in Santa Rosa, CA ~ December 14 ~ 6:30 pm

Community Song Weaving and American Kirtan with Michael Zeligs. 6-8 PM Tuesday November 25th  105 Virginia Ave #7, Sebastopol, CA.

Yoga with Live Music:  Yin Yoga & Harmonium with Meredith Rom, at The dhyana Center in Sebastopol, CA:  Monday, November 3

September 14th: Pepper Proud presents Yaima - GaiaWise live concert ft. Michael Zeligs - At  GaiaWise -3800 Harrison Grade Road, Sebastopol

May 31st: Michael Zeligs and Anson Biller and Special Guest Carrie Davoli live in Occidental. At Prasada - Doris Murphy Court, Occidental, CA 95465.  7PM

Full trio band with special guest Anson Biller. Click here to RSVP:

May 24th: Michael Zeligs with Ethan Buckner and Special Guest Carrie Davoli at the Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley 8 PM.

March 22nd: Ethan Buckner and Michael Zeligs live a The Lemon House w/ special guest Anson Biller.

"Voice of the Awakened Heart" - Performance with Michael Zeligs and Jens Jarvie. Thursday, February 13th 8pm. The dyana Center Sebastopol.

Pepper Proud Gaiawise Concert Ft. Michael Zeligs

Ayla Nereo Birthday Celebration. Friday Jan 31st: Dupont House Sebastopol CA

Sunday Cloud-9 Berkeley.

Sebastopol Ecstatic Dance Closing Ceremony Sunday 2/9

Fearless Heart: Song Weaving in the Dome at Sophia's Garden

Friday, November 8, 2013 at 7:30pm

Monday, September 23rd: Yin Yoga with Live Music and Essential Oils, Dhyana Center, Sebastopol, CA.

Sunday, September 29th: Autum Song Weaving at Harbin Temple, Middletown, CA

Monday, July 22nd: Live at the Divine Union Temple at Mt Shasta w/ Ayla Nereo 6:30-9pm

Tuesday, July 23rd: Ayla Nereo and Michael Zeligs Live in Eugene, Oregon

Wednesday, July 24th: Live at the Sunshine Hive, Olympia, Washington w/ Ayla Nereo.   7pm.

Friday, July 26th: Port Townshend, Washington @ Earlwood Permaculture Village. 7pm

Sunday, July 28th: Live at Muse Mansion w/ East Forest and Special Guest Niema Lightseed, 7pm, Portland, Oregon

Friday, August 2nd: SF CD Release w/ The Minnesota Child and Grampa, @ The Center SF 7:00pm

Thursday, July 11th: CD Release Performance, Berkeley, CA. 9 pm at the Subterranean Arthouse

Saturday, July 13th: Sebastopol, CA. Green Valley Villiage, Vic House Concert.

Thursday, June 20th: Solstice Yin Yoga w/ Live Music and Essential Oils, w/ Meredith Rom and Michael Zeligs   - The dhyana Center, Sebastopol, CA

Thursday June 13th: Zo Tobi @ Monkey House w/ Austin Willacy, Meg Anderson, & Michael Zeligs...

The Monkey House, Berkeley, CA.

Thursday March 28th: Ayla Nereo in Oakland ~ with Zo Tobi, Michael Zeligs, & Kasia

The Pallet Space, Oakland, CA.

April 13th Michael Zeligs at TCRP The Red Couch Project live show

Do Art Galeria, San Francisco, CA.

April 16th, Michael Zeligs guest appearance at Dhammapad Community. 7:00 pm sharp! 6 pm meditation.

Berkeley, CA

April 20th, Michael Zeligs live at FarmSprung: A benefit party for Occupy the Farm.

Oakland, CA. Fort Awesome.

April 21st, Michael Zeligs w/ Host Bodies and Glitterface, El Rio San Francisco.

April 24th, Michael Zeligs guest appearance on Kundalini Live.

Monterrey, CA. Wave Street Studios.