M I C H A E L   Z E L I G S

EFT Voice Lessons - Vocal Coaching

Michael Zeligs - Voice Lessons & EFT Therapy

Heal your Voice and Create your Destiny

My program of will help you liberate yourself from mental pattering and provide useful tools and foundational practices to feel confident in expressing your true hearts gifts.


About Michael:

-Stanford University Class of 2009

-Teaching Assistant, Advanced Certified EFT Tapping Therapist with 500+ hours of one-on-one practice with the Sophia School of Living Arts.

-Multiple retreats, Advanced level training in Breath Work, Somatic Therapy, Wisdom Traditions, Meditation, and Science of Mind & Emotions.

-More than 75 hours in-person Professional Life Coach training with master coach Maria Nemeth at the Academy for Coaching Excellence.


Ready to take your feet off the brakes of life? You can step into a way of being that emanates from your core of your meaningful life intentions and values, by finding what's essential within you and speaking, sharing and acting toward what is most valuable and meaningful for you and others.

When I worked with my recent clients Amy and Mackenzie for their 10 week “free your voice” program, I felt so much usefulness and joy during those sessions, and it was SO much fun and very energizing exploring with them in their life challenges and helping them rewire to their greatness through EFT, in addition to singing together. That sense of depth connection is what I see is most useful in any program of therapy and coaching sessions, and the results are apparent.

My program of therapy/coaching will provide self-healing tools to liberate yourself from mental pattern. You'll develop your own foundational practices, and have support to begin expressing your true hearts gifts in the world, with confidence and ease! Connect with your innate essence and make the impact you are here to make...and get past your old habits and fears with EFT!



Your Custom Program Can Include:

  1. -Finding the courage to listen and do what you love
  2. -Breath-work, Meditation and Energy Strengthening Practices
  3. -EFT Tapping Therapy, Healing Traumatic Emotional Blocks
  4. -Beeja Mantra, Voice Practice and Vocal Coaching
  5. -Songwriting, Creative Process Coaching
  6. -Performance practice & steps for invoking best outcomes on stage
  7. -Collaboration: How to work communicate about your passion
  8. -Developing emotional resilience and courage by facing the darkness
  9. -Way to work with your life creatively and earn money from your gifts

Each 10 week package ends with a “Graduation Gift:”

Choose One.

Graduation package includes:

  • -Make a video of you singing & master the audio
  • -Help you plan out and practice your first speech
  • -Help you book an opportunity to perform
  • -Help you mix & master your first multitrack recording
  • -Help you make amends where you’ve had trouble speaking up before.

"I love to sing and wanted to be able to share my voice with others and had some obstacles to work through. Michael helped me get more comfortable and empowered to collaborate with others. I learned techniques to explore and strengthen myself. Michael creates a safe space of love and acceptance to make exploring my life possible and enjoyable.  He provides an immense amount of support each step of the way. I now feel more comfortable sharing my light with others."


"Michael is extremely passionate about life. His kindness, strength and compassion allow me to fully trust in his facilitation. He is one of the most helpful and supportive humans I have met in this life.  His work helped me stop negative thoughts about my goals as they arose, and replacing them with trust, non-judgment, and action. Through this I have been able to embody my life purpose with authenticity. I would recommend Michael to those seeking a deeper relationship with their life purpose."