What is Coaching?

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Usually when we try our dream for the first time, we try a few times fitfully and fail, exhausted from the experience of our mind having to conceive of operation gin a new way. Many people keep pushing. Many others give up.  

Whats really happening is that every person carries an inertial resistance process when trying to build momentum toward their dream.  

The more you really care about something, the more weight it has for you, you will feel the equivalent amount of resistance when you are trying to get things moving in that area of your life.

When you solve your personal story, and move into action in a repeated way, this is volition. It is a series of determined, ceaseless, focused acts toward a certain goal or desire, then the experience and momentum picks up and your new dreams and your new life habits.

Coaching is a verified way for you to gain clarity, find support, and make a plan to

Stop worrying and start doing.

Coaching tools help where someone needs to experience a state of clarity, where from to make decisions about important key steps, and tools to manage the stuff that comes up when you are about to “go for it” in your life.

Together we can understand how to turn your mind away from the fear states, into states that are physical, present, and powerful ways of leading into your next step.

My approach is rooted in formal, classical coaching, where the part of you we speak to is free from the of the confines of the mind or the emotions,

Find out if coaching could help.

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