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Sabastopol, CA EFT Cranio Matrix Classes | Alternative Therapy | Self-help


One-on-one, personalized, and at your pace.

Discover skillfulness and release emotional intensity with a new set transformational tools, in a safe, supportive, and contained environment.


Emotional Freedom Techniques with Matrix Reimprinting

  • EFT Meridian Tapping System as developed by Experts & Psychologists

  • meridian therapy FOR anxiety and stress - let go of worry, forgive

  • advanced tapping and Emotional release TECHNIQUE - get past recurring issues

  • 75 MIN INTRO Session - Bring a stressful memory to clear resolution

How and for what reason does EFT work? Emotional Freedom Technique works with the meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine, like pressure point massage or needle therapy, since it centers around vitality circuits that keep energy running all throughout the body. When we tap, we send a direct signal to our subconscious mind - “it’s safe and okay to begin feeling and processing my stored emotions now.” That can provide immense and immediate changes in your waking state.

EFT is the best tool I know to decrease stress and heal emotional wounds. It's also a self-healing tool that is effortlessly learned, the changes from a single session last for a really long time, and it can be utilized at any point in life when sad or stressful circumstances emerge.

In EFT we also work with unresolved memories, things that were “points of origination” in your life history when you may have made beliefes that no longer work for your present reality. You’ll know if you have origination points when you expereince something called “recurrence” - bad dramatic experiences that feel familiar. Your present moment challenges, diseases, and difficulties, might arise from repressed memories, and they are to be re-activated by present day circumstances to help you heal, because your soul wishes to find resolution with the original untended bad experience.

or EFT Techniques we can support you clearing the present moment cause of a trigger.
Reclaim your life energy, engage more positive beliefs and live life as you were born to.