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As a personal development leader and songwriter, Michael discovered his path of healing through EFT and has inspired people all over to find their authentic voice with teh powerful techniques of EFT tapping therapy. He is passionate about EFT as a vehicle for spiritual awakening, and he is continually learning, growing, and sharing inspiration and knowledge with those around him. All this comes through soul stirring vocals, sacred invocations, and an ability to inspire you to dream big that sometimes land right on the heart, offered with a sincere prayer for blessing and healing to take place, filled with enchantment and inspiration.

My Story: I believe we are all born with a soul calling, something inside of us that yearns to be expressed as a unique gift and contribution to the world.

From a young age, I always knew that my calling was to perform music and to help unify groups through song. I learned how to compose on the piano earlier than I could read. I saw that anytime I played music or taught others to sing, I felt tremendous gratitude and celebration. I found myself playing music and singing for hours every day, improvising and learning new songs. I dedicated the majority of my life up into my twenties learning, singing, and performing music.

But as time progressed, the external influences of society, money, and success got the best of me. In school I received so much praise for my skills in physics, and my intuition with technology, photography, and film. Before I knew it I was helping people launch their innovative tech products, and my job was to create compelling advertising videos.

Within a year, my success as a commercial filmmaker grew, and soon I was running a six figure film business.

But the experience of it was anything but glorious. I’d be up late at night drinking coffee, trying to boost my mood enough to work long hours on my computer supporting someone else’s dream. Each day I pressed on with more sales calls, more production meetings, and more long hours in the editing room.

My life’s passion, the inspired genius of music had fallen by the wayside, and the daily inspired music practice of my early life was nowhere in sight. My guitar and piano were gathering dust. Inside I felt empty and betrayed.

Encouragement for my new profession in media production and advertising poured in from all sides, but despite the money, and the excitement from my family, I was actually feeling more despair than ever.

It wasn’t until a prospective corporate video client offered me an unheard of amount of money to create a commercial for their new tech product, that things began to change.

Even though I was receiving the biggest single check I had ever received, I realized throughout the process I experienced no joy from any of it.

It was then I decided I would rather go hungry than take another project that my heart didn’t care about.

That’s when the dreams started. Every night in my dreams I would find myself onstage, sharing music and teachings to an eager audience. So I began singing again. Composing and improvising new songs and sharing performances in my local community.

That’s when I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

After my first 14 day immersion in 2011, I saw that the tool had permanently re-wired the fear centers in my brain. I wasn’t scared about money in the same way I used to me. And I felt totally comfortable inviting people to listen to my music. Not to mention I discovered and innate part of me that understood how the transformational process worked, I saw that I could walk myself and others through it with ease. And the best part was I finally had the clarity and purpose to complete my first albums. Since my big shift to remove my blocks with EFT, I have written, recorded, and distributed over 40 original compositions, and helped hundreds of my clients empower themselves creatively as well.

After my first training I was recording new songs and even planning tours again, and I started to reach out to my community to share the tools I had been learning about EFT. Becoming a tapping facilitator opened me to a whole new realm of myself, where I was able to invoke the highest intentions for healing on behalf of my clients and help them permanently re-wire the “stuck” spots in their memories and meridians.

I also began to see that to be a successful musician I needed to build community from the inside out, and that I couldn’t expect my friends to call unless I was reaching out first with an inviting atmosphere and an energy of service. So I started creating concerts based on “mutual participation”, where we would all sing together. Eventually I built a fanbase for my music and passed my 500 hour Tapping Therapist certification, and I became a teaching assistant and a trainer, and even got to attend for 75 hours of in-person training with the Academy for Coaching excellence (Something I never thought I’d be able to do).

I even began collaborating with other artists, and I got to have the experience of building out a 5-person band for my live shows. Soon, people from around the world starting hearing of my work, and one of my songs was even selected for a spotify “Yoga Today” playlist and got over 700,000 listens (!!!)

All this, because I chose to follow my heart and give up on the parts of my life that weren’t working.

Now, I have the tools and experience teach groups to activate their creative power through scientific tools and vocal freedom. I also get to perform my compositions to facilitate spiritual transformation through music. I spend my time speaking at yoga studios, progressive community houses, churches, and performing arts centers, sharing the message of the truth of EFT through my music, to encourage others to follow their original dreams.

I have performed alongside acclaimed singer-songwriters Ayla Nereo (WildLight) and Pepper Proud (Yaima), and my songs now have over a half million plays on Spotify.

My style of American Kirtan tells the story of an urgent cultural shift toward living in truth with our hearts. We all have a voice, and to sing allows us to experience a totally new dimension of life.

My hope is that this music will help you to find your thread of purpose for which you have a calling, so that your voice can also rise up in the unity of ecstatic celebration.

If you have a calling deep within that yearns to be expressed, but are struggling to make the leap, please reach out to learn about how my coaching can support you. No one makes a big life transition with out support, and I am honored to be a guide to others on a mission to express their unique gift and voice in the world.

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