M I C H A E L   Z E L I G S



Hi, Iā€™m Michael.


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  • Sound as Science of Awakening,

  • Frequency Induction (PEMF), Light Pulse Therapy

  • SafeEMF: Studies in Foundational Stable Harmonics

  • Sacred Harmonic modes for all Atman levels (Scales built on sacred numbers)

    Composition, Performance, and Recording

  • Adult Contemporary

  • Americana Folk

  • Singer Songwriter

  • International / Sacred

Events & Classes:

  • Live Performance, Acoustic Americana Kirtan with Live Looping

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Education & Training

BA MST Stanford University: Music, Science, and Technology, Class of 2009 - Jazz Composition and Music Production.

Experience leading groups and offering music sessions for spiritual awakening, self-help, insight and healing since 2009.