b. 1986, HK.


Michael Zeligs:

Workshop Facilitator
MindBody Wellness Educator
Cranio / Cranial Bodywork
EFT Tapping & Energy Medicine


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Advanced stillness touch body work and the latest mind/body meridian therapies to activate your energy body and reset the past.  Plus workshops and retreats for transformation.

One-on-one Sessions: Online and In-person.

Ease is the way out

One-On-One Sessions:

  • EFT Therapy (Tapping)

  • Matrix Reimprinting

  • Cranial Bodywork

  • Stillness Touch

  • Holistic Health & Wellness

  • Trained Life Coach

Events & Classes:


  • Dancing Freedom

  • Fundamentals of EFT Tapping Therapy

  • Love & Relationship Alchemy

  • Adaptogenic Herbs for Body Wellness