b. 1986, HK.


Michael Zeligs:

Workshop Facilitator
MindBody Wellness Educator
Cranio / Cranial Bodywork
EFT Tapping & Energy Medicine


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Advanced stillness touch body work and the latest mind/body meridian therapies to activate your energy body and reset the past.  Plus workshops and retreats for transformation.

One-on-one Sessions: Online and In-person.

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Ease is the way out

 When I was 23 I decided I would rather go hungry than take another project that my heart didn’t care about.

That’s when I discovered Cranio / Cranial Bodywork, as well as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

And the dreams started. Every night in my dreams I would find myself onstage or in the classroom, sharing music and teachings to an eager audience. Or holding dream contact points in stillness with the loved ones at gatherings.  After waking up from all this I had to take action.

So I began singing and performing again. Creating sound activations and group EFT classes, and practicing bodywork. Getting more clarity and expeirnece  in the different ways I could help my my community who were feeling pain to support them as they return to stillness.

I see that music and the tools have had permanent effect on my growth and healing  of my brain. We are all now capable of being re-wired and unwinding the conditioning of stress in the modern world, and I believe the music, therapy, and bodywork can do that. I discovered and innate part of me that understands how the transformational process works, and now I am brining my gifts to the community.


One-On-One Sessions:

  • EFT Therapy (Tapping)
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Cranial Bodywork
  • Stillness Touch
  • Energy Medicine
  • Reiki / Breema
  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Trained Life Coach

Events & Classes:


  • Dancing Freedom - Shamanic Dance
  • Fundamentals of EFT Tapping Therapy
  • Love & Relationship Alchemy
  • Partner Cranio & Thai Yoga
  • Ancient Cosmology - Star Tribe - Indigenous Histories
  • Adaptogenic Herbs for Body Wellness
  • Yin Yoga & Sound Activation
  • Sacred Music Kirtan Concert